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Book a cheap taxi in Innsbruck or the best?

The ratings provide an overview of the individual taxi companies in Innsbruck and their ratings, but some customers are simply looking for a cheap taxi due to the lack of money. To calm down we can say the following: The taxi price is despite good vehicles and good performance not always expensive.

With Travel Taxi all customers receive a best price guarantee and enjoy the best possible service despite low taxi prices. We transport all our customers exclusively in luxury Mercedes-Benz vehicles and treat all passengers with the necessary respect - regardless of whether it is a short distance journey within Innsbruck or a long distance journey such as from Innsbruck Airport to Sölden. We therefore recommend that you compare the prices of the individual providers before booking.

Cheap Innsbruck Taxi in Tyrol

Poor taxi service despite good ratings

When it comes to money, some taxi providers unfortunately resort to dubious means and try to present their bad or less successful taxi service well by faking or buying good google reviews. Such practices are of course pure customer fraud and are unfortunately not immediately recognizable for some passengers, because many fake reviews on Google and Co. look quite real and the difference for the customer (sometimes even professional) is hardly recognizable.

We at Travel Taxi firmly believe that such tactics destroy business and run our business without such tricks. Our motto since the company was founded over 10 years ago has been as follows: "Only the satisfaction of our customers counts". We remain true to this motto and are firmly convinced that sincerity and diligence will lead to success in the long run!

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