Ötztal – a place where you can switch off

A place where you can switch off your head and enjoy the beauty of nature. Where you can find your own connection to Mother Earth and to yourself. A spectacle of the senses, whether in winter or summer. Of course we are talking about the fabulous Ötztal, a side valley in the Austrian province of Tyrol.

The Ötztal valley is the hub of all the fantastic sights that can be seen in Tyrol. It is an incomparable holiday resort, because one does not forget so simply again. A 65 kilometre long valley is here to discover and explore.
In the valley itself there are 8 places at different altitudes, ranging from fields and meadows to alpine, mountainous terrain.

The area itself is the dividing point between the eastern Stubai Alps and the western Ötztal Alps. The village, which belongs to the district Imst, is littered with pure nature, as they say so beautifully, because only 5% of the valley area is considered a settlement area.

A spot of earth that presents itself with the highest mountain of the whole country, the Wildspitze, with its 3.774m and just waiting to be climbed. The largest glacier area of the Eastern Alps served on a plate, 250 peaks over 3,000m. And moreover, as if this size were not enough, the source of the Stuibenfall, the highest waterfall in the country, flows into the vastness of the village.

On the other hand, the special feature of the region lies in the numerous protected areas. The Ötztal Nature Park, founded in 2006, covers an area of 380 km^2. The preservation of nature for future generations is an overarching goal for the whole of Austria and this principle is best visible in the Ötztal Valley. The natural environment in its diversity and beauty should be secured and preserved. Nevertheless, it should offer recreational facilities for its visitors.

The Ötztal is a holiday offer that “brings the tired bones back to life” and makes the brain run at full speed. The views that can be enjoyed on the hiking trails shake up the old child memories. Around 1,300 kilometres of marked hiking trails offer a paradisiacal atmosphere for you and your family.
In addition to hiking, it is advisable to try out the cycle paths, climb the climbing gardens and via ferrata and refresh yourself in the bathing facilities.

However, the choice of food is indescribable. An international culinary feast that already makes the gourmet glow. The gastronomic selection includes Italian, French and Austrian cuisine.

If you are more of a cozy type and just want to withdraw from everyday life and recover your mind, the wellness centres are the perfect place to slip into a new, more restful skin and leave the stressed skin behind.

Green alpine pasture terraces over wooded valley flanks, lovely meadows along the lively Ötztaler Ache, wild landslides with their unique flora and fauna. Fun to discover. No matter whether you are an animal lover, plant expert, sports lover or stay-at-home. Here you are in good hands.

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